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  • CFSC Public Affairs Officer
    Sports Features Communications (press release), FL -
    By Tim Hipps. At age 52, Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Elizabeth “Libby” Callahan will be the oldest member of Team USA competing in ...
  • Public Affairs Section Fax US Embassy, Accra | Posted: Monday ...
    Accra Mail, Ghana -
    US Ambassador to Ghana, Mary Carlin Yates, visited the Nima community center, now under construction. The US Department of Defense ...
  • US Embassy Public Affairs Office Donates to UL, Africa -
    Making the donation on the main campus of the University of Liberia, the Director of the Public Affairs Office, Ms. Christina Porche said a little over two ...
  • 'Public affairs' shows worse than Springer
    Cleveland Plain Dealer (Subscription), OH -
    ... This is "public affairs." The cuff-shooters, 42-longs and makeovers host shows, visit other shows as guests and become celebrities. ...
  • CFSC Public Affairs Officer
    Sports Features Communications (press release), FL -
    By Tim Hipps. Eighteen Soldiers and four competitors from other US military branches will represent Team USA in the Summer Olympic Games at Athens, Greece, Aug. ...
Public affairs is a catch-all term that includes public policy as well as public administration, both of which are closely related to and draw upon the fields of political science as well as economics.

Public policy discussions are generally and consciously partisan, and we assume that participants in public policy discussion have a specific point of view which they seek to advance in the discussion.

Public affairs, on the other hand, generally claims to be non-partisan.

It focuses on methods of public administration, illustrated by historical examples, recording outcomes.

Public affairs can be defined as "the management of institutional relations at a profit" (Jeremy Kane, co-founder of EPPA, pan-European public affairs advisers).

Social activism involves popular action and commentary on public affairs.

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